Global Games, Regional Sports - Vancouver 2010

I previously posted a project I worked on for the London 2012 Olympics. Well, I did some digging around and I managed to find data for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, so I wrangled it into the format I had previously used, made some tweaks, and republished my Global Games, Regional Sports analysis, but this time with different data. Does that make this some kind of data-remix?

Please find the result here

Sample Insights

  • Biathlon and Cross Country Skiing both move together towards Northern Europe when switching from participants to medals. Due to similarities in the sports, we would expect them to be linked.

  • Skeleton is most southern in participants due largely to Kiwi competitors, but as they don't win medals it rockets up to the top when switching to medals.

  • Four of six ice hockey medals won by Canada and the United States move that sport far to the west. A bad Olympics for European Ice Hockey


Vancouver 2010 Medals by Athlete - Participants from Contextures Blog via, thank you for manually scraping, compiling, and publishing Latitude and Longitude of Capitals - Mix of sources, primarily Wikipedia